Integrated Procurements

“Building a Stronger Supply Chain with Integrated Procurement in GCC”

Integrated Procurements for Businesses in the GCC

GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries are among the world’s fastest-growing economies, driven by their abundant natural resources, strategic location, and efforts to diversify their economies. As these countries continue to expand and integrate into the global economy, businesses operating in the GCC face a range of challenges and opportunities. One critical challenge for businesses operating … Read more

Dropshipping/ Last Mile Delivery

Dropshipping/ last mile delivery

The rise of eCommerce growth has led to the development of dropship and last mile delivery services. As one of the top-rated dropshipping companies UAE, IntegratedProcurements distribute various products from the manufacturer to the end customer. Apart from that, we also boast of being the best last mile delivery company in the UAE. With the … Read more

Top 10 Logistics Companies In Dubai of 2022 Updated

Best Logistics Services in Dubai

1. Integrated Procurements Integrated Procurements is another of the most trusted and well-known consultancy firm, Integrated Procurements, offers guidance and streamlines cross-border commerce in the GCC, a young and aggressive industry. When it comes to comprehending your company demands and providing you with boutique trade compliance counseling, we are the market leader and top logistic … Read more