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Importer & Exporter of Record (IOR / EOR) Services

Importer & Exporter of Record (IOR / EOR) Services

With years of experience in helping numerous clients globally, we take pride in our milestone service – IOR (Importer of Record) and EOR (Exporter of Record), and hence provide specialised consulting service in this area.

Our expert team understands your business needs and design personalized solutions to individual barriers that may arise, be it operational, implementation or other challenges.

There are a lot of “behind the scenes” actions that take place when you click on that “Buy Now” option on any e-commerce platform – The goods/products need to be exported from the source country, transported to the destination country, imported at the destination country and then delivered to your doorstep.

This whole process requires compliance to local laws, legal obligations with regard to duties and taxation, country of origin and regulations defined by customs. This requires in-depth global expertise in shipping context, customs and importation network, importing licenses (if required) and INCOTERMS (international duties and taxes).

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This is where we help you with our years of experience in global trade and knowledge of shipping and local laws of GCC countries. We take the responsibility of all the complexities and make your trade effortless.

Precisely, we provide the below unparallel benefits under our umbrella of IOR and EOR

  • We let you import in the country without actually having the physical presence in the country of import. We take care of end-to-end paper-work and permits required for the import.
  • We are an expert in customs, duties, taxation and local laws and hence guarantee you timely shipments anywhere in GCC. Our strong network and experience have helped us to devise specific region/country based ways and circumventions to avoid any delays in the shipments.

Solutions to IOR and EOR – like never seen before!