Integrated Procurements

E-Fulfillment Services in Dubai, UAE

E-Fulfillment Services in Dubai, UAE

“Experience unparalleled E-fulfillment Services in Dubai, UAE with Integrated Procurements. As a leading pioneer in e-commerce order fulfillment across the GCC region, we deliver optimal value, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional customer satisfaction.

In the digital era, global e-commerce platforms trust us for guaranteed order fulfillment marked by swift timeliness, precision, and accuracy. Tailored for all, from SMEs to international giants, our E-fulfillment services in Dubai offers one-stop solutions, benefiting online brands across diverse industries. Elevate your e-commerce experience with Integrated Procurements – your trusted partner for seamless E-commerce fulfillment and order fulfillment services Across UAE.”

Global Trade Solutions: Specialized IOR and EOR Services with Expert Consulting

With extensive global experience, we proudly offer milestone services in Importer of Record (IOR) and Exporter of Record (EOR), accompanied by specialized consulting. Our adept team addresses your business needs, crafting personalized solutions for operational, implementation, and other challenges.

Behind every “Buy Now” click lies a complex process: exporting goods from the source, transporting them to the destination, and ensuring compliance with local laws, duties, and regulations. Our expertise spans shipping, customs, importation, licenses, and INCOTERMS. Leveraging years of global trade experience and knowledge of GCC countries’ laws, we navigate complexities, making your trade seamless and stress-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

We offer unmatched value, technology, and customer satisfaction.

Strategic warehousing, last-mile partnerships, custom order fulfillment, and more.

Yes, we cover both domestic and international services.

Returns processing, re-boxing, quality checks, and RTO for non-saleable items.

We provide bespoke solutions, transparency, and reliability. Contact us for a personalized quote.

For more details, please feel free to contact us!

e-Fulfilment Services

With years of experience, Integrated Procurements has established itself as major pioneers in e-Commerce order fulfillment in the GCC region – promising best of value and technology as well as exceptional customer satisfaction.

In today’s era of digitalization, plenty of online e-Commerce platforms globally entrust on Integrated Procurements for guaranteed order fulfillment within swift timeliness, precision and accuracy.

Our e-fulfillment service is thoroughly designed for all e-Commerce merchants – be it SMEs or international giants, we offer unparalleled benefits with our one stop solutions catering to the online brands across all industries.

Below is the brief outline of the services that IP offers

E-Fulfillment Services

  • Strategic Warehousing facility in GCC
  • Last mile partnership with international and domestic transporters
  • Custom order fulfillment
  • Support with inbound freight of your inventory
  • Pick, pack & ship within different GCC countries.
  • Domestic and international E-fulfillment services
  • C.O.D. for last mile (optional)

Value Added Services

  • Returns processing
  • Re-Boxing
  • Quality Check
  • RTO if non saleable

We believe in formulating bespoke solutions which are not only specific to your business requirements, but also ensure complete transparency and reliability with an ultimate goal to make order fulfillment tranquil and effortless for all our e-commerce clients. Hence, we are entrusted e-fulfilment service providers of numerous e-Comm platforms around the world.

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