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Top 10 Logistics Companies In Dubai of 2022 Updated

1. Integrated Procurements

Integrated Procurements is another of the most trusted and well-known consultancy firm, Integrated Procurements, offers guidance and streamlines cross-border commerce in the GCC, a young and aggressive industry. When it comes to comprehending your company demands and providing you with boutique trade compliance counseling, we are the market leader and top logistic service provider in UAE.

We facilitate international commerce in a variety of areas, including the Middle East, Africa, and Europe regions. We are trade compliance and supporting organization.

We provide our clients with comprehensive fluency and compliance in order to enable commerce into their preferred nations. Integrated Procurements drive effective discussions with government authorities on behalf of customers, simplifying the complicated regulatory obstacles between governments and businesses with solutions that are advantageous for both parties.

Services we provide – 

  • Importer & Exporter of Record (IOR / EOR) services
  • Cross Border Trade Facilitation & Government Negotiations
  • VAT Treatment, Registration, Filing, and Advisory in GCC
  • e-fulfillment Services
  • Trade Compliance Consulting Services

2. Global Shipping And Logistics

Located in Dubai, Global Shipping and Logistics LLC (GSL) is a third-party logistics provider with a focus on distribution, warehousing, and freight management services. The business delivers services throughout the UAE and provides distinctive solutions for online retail businesses.

The business offers specialized storage options for consumer gadgets. Within the UAE, the business provides same-day delivery services. Users may track orders with GSL Group to ensure prompt deliveries. Businesses can use the company’s inventory management services.

3. United Parcel Service

One of the biggest logistics firms in the world, UPS, or United Parcel Service, operates in 220 nations. The business has a substantial presence in the Middle East and delivers goods there by trucks, trains, planes, and container ships. UPS offers specialized services for eCommerce companies as well as a variety of tools to speed up delivery.

Depending on the number of purchases, UPS provides numerous shipping choices. To assist retailers reach a wider audience, the courier service offers interfaces with important online shops and marketplaces. The e-fulfillment, order tracking, delivery history, and automation services are provided by the eCommerce carrier.

4. CEVA Logistics

One of the top logistics firms in the world, CEVA Logistics is based in Dubai. CEVA creates and delivers market-leading solutions for the contract logistics and freight management sectors.

The business is among the top logistics firms in Dubai with more than 300 workers and about five on-site sites throughout the nation. Due to the merging of TNT Logistics TNT and EGL Eagle Global Logistics, it was established in August 2007.

5. Emirates Logistics LLC

Emirates Logistics LLC Innovator in offering logistics industry solutions. The business has five locations in the UAE and its headquarters are in Dubai. Established in 2002, Emirates Logistics LLC has become one of the leading logistics providers in Dubai.

6. Mac World Logistics LLC

One of the most thorough logistics providers in Dubai, Mac World Logistics LLC works with businesses both large and small, for-profit and nonprofit organizations, and practically every area of the global logistics market. One of the Gulf region’s fastest-growing logistics firms is Mac World Logistics LLC. This firm has quickly expanded thanks to the rising demand for shipments from the Asia-Pacific region to the west and vice versa.

7. RAK Logistics

RAK Logistics provides services to more than 45 different nations, making it one of the most important shipping and logistics firms in the UAE.

In order to become one of the top 10 logistics firms in Dubai, RAK Logistics merged with the private equity firm Samena Capital after being founded in Singapore in 2013. RAK Logistics is a pioneer in the logistics sector and is prominently listed among the top logistics companies in Dubai.

8. Al-Futtaim Logistics

Al-Futtaim Logistics was founded in the 1980s and is one of the biggest Dubai logistics firms in the UAE, with a worldwide reach of over 150 countries thanks to its network alliance in the international logistics sector.

Al-Futtaim Logistics has operations centers at all significant hubs in the Gulf and more than 1 million square meters of capacity for warehouses. It frequently appears in lists of the top 10 logistics firms in Dubai.

9. Mohebi Logistics

One of the leading integrated supply chain businesses in the Gulf states is Mohebi Logistics. The integrated supply chain, which focuses mostly on fast-moving consumer products, involves sourcing, freight management, storage, distribution, and retail operations.

10. Hellmann Worldwide Logistics

Hellmann has come a long way from its founding in 1871 to becoming one of the biggest global logistics suppliers. Now, the company employs over 10,000 people and does business from more than 500 locations spread throughout 173 nations. Hellmann offers almost every kind of logistics service, including customs clearance, rail solutions, storage, contract logistics, and administration of air, sea, and land freight.

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